2017 Northwest Collage Society Winter Show

Cascadia Art Museum, Edmonds WA

Gillespie Wins Award, Sells piece, at Cascadia Art Museum

Jan. 27, 2017
The judge of the 2017 Northwest Collage Society Winter Show accepted two collages by Gary Gillespie. One piece "Horse Latitudes" won a merit award that came with a $50 cash prize. The other work "Smoke on the Water" sold the day before the show ended.

Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds, WA.

The title of the show: Collaged Impressions of the Northwest Social Realism and the American Scene 1930 - 1950

The show of 55 works by local artists complements an exhibition at the museum of artists who worked in the Northwest from the Great Depression to World War II.  Visitors will see paintings by the following: Yvonne Twining Humber, Kenneth Callahan, Pieter van Dalen, Fay Chong and Abe Blashko.

Regional artists were invited to create collages inspired by the style 
these artists. Gillespie chose northwest “mystic” artist Kenneth Callahan. He submitted three works and two were chosen -- "Horse Latitudes" and "Smoke on the Water." 

Show dates: 
January 19 - March 26, 2017

Cascadia Art Museum
190 Sunset Ave. #E Edmonds, WA 98020 

Merit Award: Horse Latitudes by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collage. 28 x 40. 2014.
$1200. Looks great above a fireplace.

This piece is inspired by Kenneth Callahan's horse images. It appeared in three other local shows, Shelton Civic Center, Hurst Gallery in Kirkland and the 425 Collective show also in Kirkland. 

"Horse Latitudes" is a nautical term that refers to a belt of calm air and sea occurring in both the northern and southern hemispheres between the trade winds and the westerlies. It is also the title of a poem by Jim Morrison of The Doors.
Kenneth Callahan
Kenneth Callahan 

Smoke on the Water by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collage. 22 x 17. 2016. SOLD!

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This piece appeared in the Surface Speculations show in Redmond in October 2016.

The design was inspired by a Kenneth Callahan painting of a ghostly figure in a row boat 
(below). It sold the day before the end of the show.

Kenneth Callahan - Young Boy in Rowboat, 1965
51" x 30" Mixed Media on Linen, 


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