GJ Gillespie Art in Vancouver, BC
Piece Makes it Across Border 
in spite of  "Art Smuggling" Intrigue

April, 20, 2015

The Moat Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver displayed the award winning collage Kingdom Within as part of the Piece of Mind exposition from May 1 to 15 at the Vancouver Public Library.

The show is sponsored by the British Columbia Psychological Association. Artists were invited to submit pieces that reflect the essence of mental health.

While originality and artistic quality were the main criteria for selection, other factors, such as how well the artwork matched the theme of resilience and the artist's statement answering the question: "What does psychological health mean to you?" influenced judges.

Kingdom Within by GJ Gillespie.  
Mixed media collage. 19.5 x 14.5.
You can own this work for $1,200.
Prints available.
Out of 180 artists who submitted works, only 30 were chosen for the show.

The piece Kingdom Within also won the 2014 Innovation Award for the Northwest Collage Society Summer exhibition. 

In addition, Kingdom Within won an Honorable Mention award in Mind Magazine's Imagination art contest, December, 2014. 

GJ Gillespie fans are invited to the May 4th reception at 6 PM.

See you in Vancouver!

More at Piece of Mind Vancouver: Facebook page, website

Art Smuggling Intrigue at the Border!
The hanging of the show was April 30 at 5 PM. 

I had a class on April 30, so asked a student to drive my painting up to Vancouver.

Then I get an email from the curator saying that she got a call from the border customs officer and wondered if everything was alright. She said that they would only be at the gallery until 7 PM and it was then 6:30 PM.

Oh, no. I forgot about border regulations. It is probably illegal to take art across the border or something. Would my student be arrested? Art confiscated?

I sent a message to the student, Cole, who is one of my photographers, and asked if there was a problem at the border and he said, yes, he was detained for two hours for trying to smuggle art.

That's all he said. I figured he was turned back at the border.

But, Happy ending. I learned the next day that Customs had released him and he made it to the gallery in time!


GJ Gillespie's answer to the question: What does mental health mean to you? 

"Psyche is the soul, a person's inner identity. Health is wellbeing, to thrive, grow and share with others. A person who enjoys psychological health is vibrant, resilient and able to contribute to the wellbeing of friends and family. The healthy soul is one that is we-oriented rather than me-oriented and thrives in mentoring and serving others in need."

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