Quantum Paint Show

"Quantum Paint" curated by GJ Gillespie, is a solo art show featuring artwork by local artist, Crystal A Edwards. The artwork it is on display from March 23rd through May 19th on the art wall at the Northwest University library Hurst Gallery.  The artwork can be viewed during library hours.

This artwork is a set of mixed-media, texture paintings. The designs, for the paintings, are heavily influenced by philosophy, human interactions, and science. They are an interweaving of art and science instigated by the fantasy of quantum paint.

“"We become entangled through various types of interactions. If entangled, we cannot be fully described without considering the other. Such is Artist, and Observer."
- Crystal A Edwards

For more information about the Northwest University Hurst Library, call (425) 889-5266. For more information about the artwork in the Quantum Paint series, contact Crystal A Edwards through email, crystal.a.edwards@gmail.com.

        Crystal A Edwards is a mixed media, surface design artist. She likes to challenge the boundaries between paintings, and sculptures, and she strives to make thought provoking work with gesso, yarn, and paint. More of her work can be seen at CrystalAEdwards.com

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