Kent show submission

Kent show submission

Gary Gillespie
6708 118th PL NE
Kirkland, WA 98033
425 889 9418

1.  GJ Gillespie. A World of Our Own. Collage on board. 2017. 80 x 30 x 2. Unframed. $1000. This wall sized piece is a postmodern interpretation of an ancient Asian landscape in the tradition of Paul Horiuchi. See details here

2.  GJ Gillespie. Forever Young. Collage on paper. 2015.  30 x 24 framed. $340. 
Selected for three other shows. Light, Space and Time online exhibition 2015, Fiber Fusion Redmond 2016 and Fiber Fusion Everett, 2017. 

3. GJ Gillespie. I'll Never Find Another You. Collage on paper. 2015. 33 x 26 framed. $320. 
This piece appeared in Surface Speculations show, Redmond, WA October, 2016.  

4. GJ Gillespie. Maximum Performance. Collage on paper. 2015. 33 x 26 framed. $320. 
This piece made with Japanese motorcycle magazines, appeared in a show in Shelton, WA and another in Kirkland, WA. 

5. GJ Gillespie. Series of Dreams. Collage on paper. 40 x 26 framed. 2017. $800. 
This piece appeared in Hurst Gallery, Kirkland show. 

6. GJ Gillespie. Sweet Dreams are Made of This. 15 x 33 framed. 2016. $340. 
This piece appeared in Fiber Fusion show in Redmond, WA. 

7. GJ Gillespie. Smoke on the Water. Collage on paper. 2016. 33 x 26 framed. $340. 
This piece appeared in the 2017 Northwest College Society winter exhibition at the Edmonds Art Gallery. Also in Surface Speculations show, Redmond, WA October, 2016.

8. GJ Gillespie. Man Disguised as Spirit. Collage on board. 2016. 10 x 10 x 2. $150. 
This piece appeared at the Bellevue Arts Museum with the Northwest College Society 2016 spring exhibition.  It also was shown in the Fiber Fusion (2016) shows in Redmond and Everett (2017), WA.

The collage pictures a traditional Selknam man covered in body paint. Tribesmen adorn their bodies with symbolic imagery during coming-of-age ceremonies. Gillespie seeks to re-imagine past art forms -- often inspired by designs of indigenous peoples.

9. GJ Gillespie. Horse with No Name. Collage on paper. 2015. 33 x 26 framed. $340. Inspired by a design by Kenneth Callahan. 

10. GJ Gillespie. The Way You Look Tonight. Collage on paper. 2017. 26 x 21 framed. $340.
  This collage uses tissue, painted newspaper, spray paint, pastel, graphite and ballpoint pen to evoke the classical "Three Graces". Lyrics to the Frank Sinatra song are embedded in the work. 

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