Surface Speculations

Surface Speculations: Five Eastside Artists Show at North Gallery in Redmond

Five GJ Gillespie Collages and More

The Eastside Surface Design Association showing works of five local artists at the North Gallery at Vision 5 in Redmond, WA from October 1st -29th. 
8525 163rd Ct NE
Redmond, WA 98052

Smoke on the Water by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collage. 22 x 17. 2016.

Inspired by a Kenneth Callahan painting
of a ghostly man in a row boat.  
Crystal Edwards
GJ Gillespie
Louise Roby
Virginia Franz Turner
Gale Whitney

Maximum Performance by GJ Gillespie. 
Mixed media collage. 24 x 18 inches.

Layers on top of a grid suggest depth and movement.
Some collage material is from a Japanese motorcycle magazine
that features an ad about finding maximum performance. 

I'll Never Find Another You by GJ Gillespie.
 Collage. 25 x 19. 2016.

Layers of ink, water color, spray paint, pastel, house paint and paper tissue.

Inspired by the all-over paintings of 1950 artists like Jackson Pollock. 

Man Disguised as Spirit by GJ Gillespie.
12 x 12. 2015. 

Accepted for a show at the Bellevue Arts Museum,
this piece is based on a classical Greek warrior memorial statue
as well as rituals of the Silknam tribal peoples of Peru.
The Silknam painted their bodies to disguise themselves as spirits. 

Wonderful World by GJ Gillespie
Collage. 18 x 14. 2016

Paper tissue, custom dyed cloth, Japanese magazine,

painted newspaper, spray paint. 

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