Personal Identities Art Show

Narcissus by GJ Gillespie. Collage. 20 x 15. 2015
GJ Gillespie Art Featured at University House Issaquah Gallery
Kirkland, August 14, 2015

A collage entitled Narcissus by northwest artist GJ Gillespie was accepted for a show at the Era Living Gallery, University House in Issaquah. The theme of the show is Personal Identities.

The prospectus asks: "Who are we? What do we choose to show the world about who we are, what might we want to conceal. The things we make and surround ourselves with tell a story about what makes us who we are.

This exhibition has an open interpretation on exploring identities, human traits and our own personal response to the world that we move in."

EXHIBITION: Personal Identities

DATES: Sept 28th 2015 – Jan 31st 2016

LOCATION: Era Living Gallery, University House Issaquah, 22975 Black Nugget Road, Issaquah, WA 98029

"This abstract figure, based on the cubist tradition, seems to be taking a selfie photo of himself," says artist GJ Gillespie. "I submitted it to this show since it fit the theme well."

The ancient poet Ovid tells the story of of a youth named Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection. He was so enamored with himself that he spurned the love of Echo who followed him about in the woods trying to get his attention. She called his name, but he ignored her.

Finally, hurt by rejection, Echo spent the rest of her life keeping at a far distance from all people who visit the wilderness. 

Narcissus by John Waterhouse

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