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MAY 25, 2023 
Fortunate Son by GJ Gillespie. 

Dear GJ Gillespie,

Thank you for sending us Art of GJ Gillespie. Your work has received high commendations. We would like to accept it for publication in Abstract: Contemporary Expressions.

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We welcome future submissions.

Thank you, again.

Kind Regards,
JL Jacobs
Abstract: Contemporary Expressions

Art List 1. Fortunate Son.  2. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.  3. Man Who Sold the World #1 4. I Wonder Why? 5. Everyday Robots. 6. The Last Waltz #2. 7. I’ll Never Find Another You. 8. Dream a Little Dream for Me. 9. Too Much of Nothing. 10. Something's Got a Hold of Me.   
Man Who Sold the World #1 by GJ Gillespie. 

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by GJ Gillespie. 

Too Much of Nothing by GJ Gillespie. 

Dream a Little Dream for Me by GJ Gillespie. 

I’ll Never Find Another You by GJ Gillespie. 

The Last Waltz #2 by GJ Gillespie. 

Something's Got a Hold of Me. By GJ Gillespie.

 Everyday Robots by GJ Gillespie. 

I Wonder Why by GJ Gillespie. 

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