Everyone's Gone to the Moon Art Show

Six Abstract Collages by GJ Gillespie
NU Professor Emeritus 

January 27 to March 2, 2024

Hurst Gallery
Northwest University
5520 108th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033


1. Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying. 

2. Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues. 

3. Heroes and Villains. 

4. Everyone's Gone to the Moon. 

5. Bad Case of Loving You. 

6. She's Come Undone. 


NU Professor Emeritus GJ Gillespie is a collage artist living in a 1928 farmhouse overlooking Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, WA.

A prolific artist with 20 awards to his name, his work has been exhibited in 64 shows and appeared in more than 130 publications.

Beyond his studio practice, Gillespie channels his passion for art by running Leda Art Supply, a company specializing in premium sketchbooks.

Whether conjuring vivid collage compositions or enabling other artists through exceptional tools, Gillespie remains dedicated to the transformative power of art.


Deeply inspired by art history and the profound emotions it evokes, my work is a journey into the abstract realm where existential meaning intertwines with cultural iconography.

My collage-based approach, utilizing diverse materials such as colored tissue, disassembled newspaper clippings, and Fred Meyer grocery ads, allows me to create unique interpretations of universal imagery.

These fragments become enigmatic entities when placed in new contexts producing the feeling that the compositions are artifactual. 

Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying by GJ Gillespie.
Collage on canvas. 12 x 30. 2017. 
Won award at the 2018 Northwest Collage Society Spring Show

 Time Charlie's Got the Blues by GJ Gillespie. 
Mixed media collage on canvas. 36 x 24. 2022.

Heroes and Villains by GJ Gillespie. 
Mixed media collage on board. 48 x 36. 2022. 

Everyone's Gone to the Moon by GJ Gillespie.
Collage. 37 x 24. 2017.
Published in the Writer's Foundry
Literary Journal, May 2023. 

Bad Case of Loving You by GJ Gillespie. 
Mixed media collage on canvas. 30 x 24. 2022. 
Published in Passenger's Literary Journal,
September 2022. 

She's Come Undone
Figurative Abstract Collage
(Submitted for publication so
I can't post the full image here).

Streets full of people
All alone
Roads full of houses
Never home
Church full of singing
Out of tune
Everyone's gone to the moon
Eyes full of sorrow
Never wet
Hands full of money
All in debt
Sun coming out in
The middle of June
Everyone's gone to the moon
Long time ago
Life has begun
Everyone went to the sun
Cars full of motors
Painted green
Mouths full of chocolate
Covered cream
Arms that can only
Lift a spoon
Everyone's gone to the moon
Everyone's gone to the moon
Everyone's gone to the moon

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