San Juan Island, WA

Art Residency 
May 18 -- 22, 2023

GJ and Teresa Gillespie returned for third time to spend 5 days making art at the University of Washington's Whitley Center on San Juan Island. 
Dedicated to approved creative projects, the Center is part of a marine research facility called the Friday Harbor Labs. 

Finished Art: 
Mr. Sunshine by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collage on canvas.
20 x 16. 2023. 

The Tide is High by GJ Gillespie. 20 x 20.
Mixed media collage on canvas. 2023.
Design after Picasso. Title after 1980 song by Blondie.

by GJ Gillespie. Mixed media collage on canvas.
39 x 31.5 x 1.5. 2023.
Title after the 1997 song by Green Day.

Paying the Price for Love by GJ Gillespie.
Collage on canvas. 20 x 16. 2023. 

Rhododendron by TR Gillespie.
Woodcut on paper. 14 x 11. 2023.

Camelia by TR Gillespie. 
Woodcut on paper. 14 x 11. 2023.

Teresa made 14 woodcuts, 7 of each design.
See Teresa's Art Blog here. 

MORE art to come.

Camera Roll

On the way. 
Sketch on ferry. 

Friday Harbor Labs grounds. 

Our cabin. 

Art studio. 

Deck of cabin. 

Bench overlooking harbor. 


Black Gilamont sea bird 

Copy of Picasso by GJ Gillespie.

Fasade on FHL admin building. 

Eagle in fir. 

Working in studio. 

Abstract in process. 

Figurative abstract undercoat. 

Mcfarlan Art Studio. 

More art in the works. 

FHL beach. 

FHL dock. 

FHL grounds. 

Iconic Garry Oak. 

Lime Kline State Park. 

Oak above harbor. 

Brick fragment in water.

Friday Harbor Dog. 

Boating in the harbor. 

Friday Harbor view. 

Garry Oak 

Spring leaves showing. 

At ferry dock. 

Oak by the Sea. 

Native art. 

Reading at the cabin,. 

Figurative collage in the works. 

4th of July Beach. 

Kittiwake Research Vessel. 

Lime Kline State Park. 

Bird watching. 

Purple Martin Swallow. 

Tank of Sand Dollars. 

Shelter at Grandma's Cove. 

Woodcuts drying. 

Woodcuts in the works. 

Carved wood block. 

Closer to done. 

Total of 14 Prints. 

Undercoat for collage. 

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