Winner of Mid American Review Inspired Art Contest

Art Judge Compares Piece to Chagall

A piece by GJ Gillespie appeared in an issue of the literary Journal, the Mid American Review (MAR).

Lifecycle by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collage.
19.5 x 14.5 inches. 2014
In January the journal asked artists to submit images to illustrate several short stories planned for publication.

Of the three works submitted by Gilespie the journal's art editor selected "Life Cycle" to accompany a story about a young farming couple dealing with the death of a child.

The nationally circulating, hard copy journal was founded in 1972 and is produced by the Department of English, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green Ohio. 

Artist Daniel Merriam, judge for the contest, praised the submissions, even comparing the art to Marc Chagall

"The artist who has done three pieces for this competition [here and here] has clearly invested a great deal of time crafting the work and demonstrates a passionate intent. There are bright colors and high contrasts with a complex layering of materials. They communicate a cohesive message. Be it disturbing or pleasant, it speaks loud and clear. I chose the Chagall-like piece with the birds, 'Life Cycle.' It set the feeling tone for the chapter and held true to both its charm and tragedy. I felt the coldness of winter and the opposing tensions of precious life and sorrowful death."

In a March 10th email, Editor in Chief Abigail Cloud said: "It is my very great pleasure to inform you that Daniel Merriam has selected your piece "Life Cycle" as the winner of the MAR-Inspired Art Contest! My great congratulations....We at MAR are so pleased for you." 

The prize includes $500 cash and a portion of proceeds from sales of prints.

The art accompanied "In Search of Fortunes Not Yet Lost", a short story by Ryan Habermeyer.

The bird collage was inspired by a common theme of "northwest mystic" artist Morris Graves whose bird compositions include ghostly images. 

In addition, several hundred dollars worth of prints were sold to readers who ordered them from the journal. 

About the contest.

OWN a "Life Cycle" Print
Order a 10 x 8 inch color print at MAR webpage.  
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