Six Abstract Collages by GJ Gillespie

APRIL 22 to JUNE 15, 2024

Hurst Gallery

Northwest University

5520 108th Ave NE

Kirkland, WA 98033


. I Go To Pieces.
I Can Only Imagine.

3. Time is On My Side. 
4. Into The Mystic.
5. Going To The Sun.
. I Will Survive.


NU Professor Emeritus GJ Gillespie is a collage artist living in a 1928 farmhouse overlooking Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, WA.

A prolific artist with 21 awards to his name, his work has been exhibited in 64 shows and appeared in more than 150 publications. Beyond his studio practice, Gillespie channels his passion for art by running Leda Art Supply, a company specializing in premium sketchbooks.

Whether conjuring vivid collage compositions or enabling other artists through exceptional tools, Gillespie remains dedicated to the transformative power of art.


Deeply inspired by art history and the profound emotions it evokes, my work is a journey into the abstract realm where existential meaning intertwines with cultural iconography. My collage-based approach, utilizing diverse materials such as colored tissue, disassembled newspaper clippings, and Fred Meyer grocery ads, allows me to create unique interpretations of universal imagery.

I Go to Pieces by GJ Gillespie.
Collage on canvas. 22.3 x 23. 2022. 

I Can Only Imagine by GJ Gillespie.
Collage. 22 x 17. 2020.
Published in Montana Mouthful 
Literary Journal, June 2021.

Time Is On My Side by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collage on canvas. 23 x 20. 2023.
Published as cover art for Passionfruit Review Literary Journal, Winter 2023.  

Into the Mystic by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collage on canvas.
30 x 40 x .15. 2024.

Going to the Sun by GJ Gillespie. 

Mixed media collage on canvas. 24 x 30. 2022.
Published in 
Variant Literature magazine, October, 2023.


I Will Survive by GJ Gillespie.
Collage on canvas. 24 x 24. 2020.

 Appeared in Starkville, Mississippi snow "Time On Our Hands" Exhibit,
Partnership Art Center. July 7 to Sept. 13, 2021
as well as two other local shows. 

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