4 stays 


5 days of art making at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Research Labs Oct 3 -- 7, 2023.
This is the fourth time we've taken advantage of this creative opportunity.
See art and camera roll here


Application for a 5 day stay at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Research Labs approved May 18 to 22, 2023. 
Whiteley Center Study Room

This private facility surrounded by forest, beaches and trails is available to U of W graduate students, alumni and professors for creative pursuits. 

Dear Gary,
We have reviewed your application to UW Friday Harbor Laboratories, and we are happy to let you know that we can accommodate you for arrival on ... and departure ... 2023. For your housing, we have reserved a 1-bedroom unit. For your research, we've reserved a space in the Whiteley Study building.
We hope you have a productive and pleasant visit to FHL!
Stephanie Zamora
Whiteley Coordinator & Office Manager
UW Friday Harbor Laboratories
620 University Road
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
See Report here

San Juan Island Art Residency, October, 2023 Art Residency Report 

FRIDAY HARBOR, WA. Accepted for 5 day retreat at University of Washington's Whiteley Research Center on San Juan Island, August 2022.


We returned to the island to continue making art! Art made during the second 2022 residency sponsored by the University of Washington in October, 2022. See report.
U of W Research Labs Campus


Whiteley Center Art Residency October 2022 

San Juan Island Camera Roll 

GJ Gillespie Art 

Oak Leaf Pioneer Series


The residency permitted us to go back to the facility as many times as we like within one year after acceptance. 

In August we took part one of an art residency at the University of Washington Research Labs on San Juan Island, Washington.

Then we continued making art on the island for part two of the residency on

October 20 -- 25, 2022.


VITA documentation 

FHL Whiteley Center Stay

May 18 -- 22, 2023

Teresa Gillespie made 3 floral woodcut prints.  This art was part of a show at the Oak Harbor Public Library September 2023.

Gary Gillespie made 5 abstract collages. Two images were accepted for publication in literary journals:

1. Gillespie, GJ. Meat for Tea Literary Journal, “Time of Your Life” – September 2023.

2. Gillespie, GJ. Apricity Press Literary Journal, “Good Morning Mr. Sunshine" -- May 2024.

In addition, “Time of Your Life” and "And I Think To Myself" are currently in a show of abstract figures at the Hurst Gallery in Kirkland, WA until January 25, 2023.

Report of May 2023 residency:
FHL Whiteley Center Stay
October 3 -- 7, 2023

Teresa Gillespie produced 3 woodcuts of sea birds which were accepted for the
Skagit Artist Juried Art Show at Christensen’s Nursery Mt Vernon, Nov. 3 -- 5, 2023.

Gary Gillespie produced 5 abstract collages. Three collages were accepted for publication in literary journals.

1. Gillespie, GJ. Willows Wept Review, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” (Cover), December 2023.

2. Gillespie, GJ. Arboreal Literary Magazine, “And I Think To Myself” – November 2023 

3. Gillespie, GJ. Red Cedar Review, "Winked, Blynken and Nod," and "Friends in Your Head," -- Spring 2024.

Report for October 2023 stay:

FHL Whiteley Center Stay

October, 20 -- 25, 2022

Teresa Gillespie produced 4 floral woodcuts.
2 were part of a show at the Oak Harbor Public Library September 2023.

Gary Gillespie produced 30 in place collaged photographs of oak trees with native American figures imagery. Several of these were later published in literary magazines.

1. Gillespie, GJ. “Ancient Oaks Figure A23”,  inaugural issue of Compass Rose Literary Journal, Feb 15, 2023.  
2. Gillespie, GJ. “Native Oaks Figure 1”, Native Oaks Figure 2: -- Scapegoat Review, Spring 2022.
FHL Whiteley Center Stay

August, 5 --10 , 2022

Teresa Gillespie made 3 wood cuts of Garry Oak Trees. These will be submitted for future shows or publications.

Gary Gillespie produced 30 in place collaged photographs of oak trees with 19th century northwest pioneer photos and oak leaf designs with seascapes. Several of these were later published in literary magazines and one was in a museum show.

1. Gillespie, GJ. “Oak Leaf Visions #7”-- The Closed Eye Open Literary Journal, Summer, 2023.

2. Gillespie, GJ. “Oak Leaf Pioneer 14”, “Native Oaks Figure A42”, “Oak Visions 2” -- Welter Literary Journal, November, 2022.

3. Gillespie, GJ. "Oak Leaf Pioneer #3" shown at the Museum of Northwest Art's annual auction in La Conner, WA.

Report August 2022 Stay:
All Residency Reports

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