Kingdom Within by GJ Gillespie.
Mixed media collag
e. 22 x 16.  
GJ Gillespie
Represented by The Ryan James Gallery

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Winner of ten art awards, GJ Gillespie's art has appeared in 47 regional shows across the northwest. 

His roots in Washington State go back to pioneer great grandparents. The son of a Boeing manager, GJ Gillespie grew up under the wet skies and surrounded by the natural beauty of the northwest.

Now living in the midst of the computer industry on the east side of Seattle, he is exposed to the creative trends of the world's most innovative minds. His art is a response to this rich social and spiritual environment.

While always fascinated with design and art, GJ Gillespie began seriously producing art in 2013, eventually creating a body of more than 700 works. His art is displayed on his web page, Pinterest as well as at various shows.

In July, 2017 he was invited to take part in the Ryan James Gallery Subscription Program. 

All works for sale. $340 larger pieces, $100 smaller pieces, unframed. (Or best offer). Contact

Shows and Honors 
Midnight Confessions 
by GJ Gillespie

  • 10th Award, Art Room Gallery's International online Abstract competition awarded "Forever Young"a collage by GJ Gillespie, a coveted Honorable Mention. March, 2020. 
  • Kirkland, 21 Century Women Show. Kirkland Art Center, June 20 -- Oct. 16, 2019. "The Way You Look Tonight" at the KAC.
  • Kirkland, Desperado Show5 abstract collages by GJ Gillespie at Hurst Gallery in Kirkland. August 20 -- October 10, 2019. More.
  • Kirkland, Surface Design In Full Swing Show, Hurst Gallery in Kirkland. May 30 to August 17, 2019. 
  • Kirkland, BEST OF KIRKLAND ART CENTER SHOW, May 11 -- June 16. "Shelter from the Storm." More. 
  • Seattle, Northwest Collage Society Winter Exhibit at Washington State Convention Center,
  • January 12 to March 30, 2019
  • Kirkland, Nature in Fiber Show VALA Art Center, January 4 -- March 31, 2019
  • Kirkland, Earth Angel Show. Hurst Gallery in Kirkland. December 28, 2018-- February 29, 2019. 
  • Kirkland, Howl Show, Hurst Gallery in Kirkland. August 30 -- December 7, 2018. More 
  • Bellevue, Healing Arts Show, Overlake Hospital, August 21 -- November 17, 2018Five works in Bellevue, WA
  • Kirkland, Creative Contemplation Show ,Oct.1 -- Nov. 3, 2018, Areté Kirkland Condo · Kirkland, WA.
  • Mercer Island, Gillespie Wins Award at Paper Talks: Collage Chatter, Northwest Collage Society Fall Exhibition, Mercer Island Community Events Center, Mercer Island, WA.
    September 9 -- October 27, 2018. MORE 
  • Kirkland, Life Cycle Show June 14 -- Sept. 7, 2018. Five works at Hurst Gallery in Kirkland
  • Kirkland, Forager of Dreams Show. Five works at Hurst Gallery Kirkland
    April 3 -- May 4, 2018. 
  • Twisp, three pieces in The Hidden show, April -- June, 2018. MORE
  • Kirkland, Mad World Show Hurts Gallery in Kirkland. January 8 -- March 30, 2018. 
  • Mukilteo, Gillespie wins award at Northwest Collage Society Show, April 4 - June 30, 2018. 
  • Seattle, SOLO show at Seattle Oasis clinic on the shores of Lake Union. July -- December, 2017.  MORE  
  • Kirkland, Wonderful World Show, Hurst Gallery, Kirkland, WA. August 12 -- Dec 4, 2017.  MORE
  • Bellevue"The Healing Arts” program at Overlake Hospital Cardiology Unit in Bellevue.  Sponsored by the Evergreen Fine Arts Association. Until November 10. MORE
  • Bellevue, "Series of Dreams" and "A World of Our Own" at Pacific Regent Invitational Show. MORE 
  • Redmond, “Design Revelations,” At North Gallery in Redmond
  • September 30 -- October 30, 2017. MORE
  • GJ Gillespie in Six shows in August, 2017. Details.  
    Look What They Did to My Song by

    GJ Gillespie. Collage on canvas. 20 x 20. 2020
  • Seattle. Northwest College Society Summer Exhibition, Seattle City Hall. Two pieces. July, August 2017. 
  • Edmonds. Gillespie wins award. Collaged Impressions, Cascadia Art Museum, Edmonds. Two pieces. 2017 Northwest Collage Society Winter Show. Details. 
  • Redmond. Fiber Fusion, five pieces, Redmond Town Center. VALA Art Center. Details. 
  • Tacoma. Inspired by Nisqually Art Show, September — December, 2016. Two colleges inspired by Native American art at the Fort Nisqually Museum, Tacoma, WA.  "Best in Show" award winner. 
  • Seattle. Fiber Fusion Exposition, “Forever Young” accepted for show sponsored by the Surface Design Association. The piece will travel to four cities in Washington state, June 2016 – April 2017. Details.
  • Seattle. Northwest Collage Society Winter Show, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle. January – March, 2016. Details.
  • Roslyn Arts Festival Award for "Motorcycle Haiku". Three other pieces accepted. Brodine and Brodine Gallery, Roslyn, WA. August, 2015. 
  • Issaquah. University Place Era Living Gallery personal identities show, accepted Narcissus. Issaquah, WA. September - December, 2015. 
  • International Merit Award"Forever Young" among 80 selected out of 760 entries for the Light Space and Time “Abstracts” 2015 Art Exhibition
  • Kirkland. Figures of Mind, a solo show. Hurst Library gallery, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA. July to October, 2015. 
  • Post Contemporary Expressions, a solo show. Hurst Library gallery, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA. October to February, 2016. 
  • Winner of the Mid American Review Inspired Art contest, March 2015. Details. 
  • Vancouver, Canada. Moat Gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada. May 1 - 15, 2015. Details. 
  • Bellevue Arts Museum, Northwest Collage Society 2015 Spring Exhibit. "Man Disguised as Spirit."  Details. 
  • Shelton Civic Center Rotating Art Gallery Summer show, "Horse Latitudes." March - July, 2015. 
  • Tangled Up in Blue, Works by GJ Gillespie. Hurst Library Gallery, Northwest University, Kirkland. April 22 -- June 30, 2015. Details. 
  • Gallery North, Edmonds. Small Works Show. March 1 - 30, 2015. Five paintings. 
  • Shelton Civic Center Rotating Art Gallery Spring Show. Shelton City Arts Commission accepted five collages by GJ Gillespie. January 8 to March 30, 2015.
  • "Kingdom Within" wins Honorable Mention in Mind Magazine's Imagination art contest, December, 2014. Mind Magazine also posts "Horse with No Name".
  • Horse with No Name, Collages of GJ Gillespie. Now showing. Ten pieces by northwest artist and professor GJ Gillespie at the Hurst Library Gallery, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA. January 6 to April 10, 2015. 
  • GJ Gillespie in 30 Day Art Challenge 30 paintings shown at the TK Gallery in Pioneer Square gallery December 4, 5 and 6, 2014. 
  • Riddle: Collages of GJ Gillespie. 12 Works by GJ Gillespie at the Northwest University Hurst Library Gallery, Kirkland, WA September 14 to December 10, 2014. 
  • Parklane Gallery Show. Four works by GJ Gillespie were shown at the Parklane Gallery in down town Kirkland From September to November 2, 2014. Parklane Gallery 130 Park Ln, Kirkland, WA 98033.
  • Shelton Art Show. Two GJ Gillespie collages were shown at the Shelton (WA) Civic Center for the months of October to December, 2014. Civic Center Rotating Art Gallery. 
  • Unmarked Cross Walks: Works of Matthew Whitney and GJ Gillespie. October 6 to November 8, 2014. Northwest University, Health and Science.
  • Space Works Tacoma Show. 17 works of GJ Gillespie shown at the Old Post Office in Tacoma, 
    August 21, 2014.
  • Northwest Collage Society Summer Exhibition, Mukilteo Community Center, July -- August, 2014. Four pieces accepted. 
  • Northwest Collage Society Innovation Award 2014 for “Kingdom Within”. 
    Sign of the Times by GJ Gillespie.
    22 x 17, 2017
  • A New Northwest Vision: Works of GJ Gillespie. 11 paintings by GJ Gillespie on display at the Northwest University Hurst Library in Kirkland, WA. June 2 to September 8, 2013.


Surface Design Association
Seattle Art Museum
Art Institute of Chicago
Kirkland Art Center
Artist Trust
Northwest Collage Society
VALA Redmond Arts Center

Various classes at the Kirkland Art Center, the Pratt Fine Art Center and Northwest Encaustic.

Visual Collage Artist.

Founder and Creative Director Leda Arts Supply, a private label sketchbook company.

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Imitation of Life by GJ Gillespie

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